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Science Camp 22-23

2/16 Science Camp Meeting

Packing for Science Camp:  click here to view the  Pack/DON’T Pack List

  • Please pack with your student so they will be able to pack their bags to come back home
  • PLEASE LABEL your students items/clothes with their first & last name
  • Average duffel bag to hold approx 15 liters, a small rolling luggage/suitcase is ok.
    • Bags stay in the cabin; won’t be carried around
  • Try not to over-pack because there may not be room for too many extra items.


  • Disposable camera, individual pillow
  • Shower cap/shower shoes
  • Kitchen-size trash bag (to hold dirty clothes)


  • Buses will depart early so if they need motion sickness meds, give it to your student before they board the bus.  Then list that medicine and a note on the Med Form & the camp can give to the student before the bus ride back. 
  • Often parents will send the medication from our health office since they won’t be in school anyway
  • List over-the-counter meds on the form if there’s a scheduled/regular need. 
    • Common, non-prescription meds will be available at Science Camp

YMCA of Greater Whittier Release of Liability: 

  • This is not a high-adventure camp
  • The most intense activity will probably be a light, guided hike that’s less than a mile

Behavior Contract

  • It’s not anything that Coolidge Cougars don’t already know
  • Parents & students need to sign.


What about Food/Nutritional Menu? 

  • They’ll be lunches that are already school-safe.  (no peanuts)
  • If a student has any food/dietary restrictions, please list that on the paperwork or share it with your teacher and our staff will share that to the camp.

What’s in the cabin?

  • Bunk beds, bathroom, camp counselor quarters. 

What if the weather changes? 

  • The clothing recommended to be packed should be enough for the range of weather. 

Who’s my child rooming with? 

  • Teachers are going to help with pairing kids up for roommates. 
  • If there is a concern with another student, please let the teacher know.
  • Each cabin will probably house 10-12 students & are segregated by gender

Science Camp Meeting 10/27/22


Date: Tues, 3/21 – Fri, 3/24, 2023

Where:  San Gorgonio Outdoor Science School 

Sharing the site of Camp Arbolado, 42500 CA Highway 38, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

Bus drive:  approx 2 - 3hrs

This will be the 1st year that Coolidge goes to this facility.  We were scheduled to go but then COVID hit.  Previously Coolidge had gone to ASTROCamp but that was a different experience. 

This facility has a well developed program and has been hosting other elementary schools for many years now, including our sister school Rossevelt. 

This trip will include: 

  • Astronomy
  • Ecology
  • Geology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Science Process Skills

Most of the academics will be provided by their staff and our coolidge teachers will be there more as chaperones.  A few of our sister schools will be doing this same trip at the same time.

  • Their staff are trained educators with degrees in science & years of experience.  They are also trained in safety, first aid, & emergency response.
  • A registered nurse is always on site. 
  • Kids sleep in cabins of 8-10 & may be bunking with students from other schools to encourage social growth.
  • Supervision will be bunking adjacent to the sleeping kiddos. 
  • Our teachers & counselor will also be there. 
  • Boys & girls stay in separate cabins
  • There is a quiet time/lights out time
  • Cabins are heated

Attire:  not freezing but it may be colder then we’re used to in San Gabriel Valley.

We intend to have another meeting to show samples of clothes to pack.  

  • There may be a small amount of snow around. 


  • Most kids who get homesick, overcome it after a day, and have a great week.
  • If your child is homesick, the facility & Coolidge staff will be there for support. 
  • If they are having too much trouble adjusting, parents may be contacted to come pick up their student. 


  • They maintain enough food, water, & supplies to sustain the reserved school groups for several days. 
  • Parents should direct all calls to Coolidge, not the campsite so we can keep their phone lines open.


  • Phones aren’t available for student use at all.
  • Science Camp is an electronic free area.


$300/ student.  Their cost is $299 per student but we’re asking $300 because: 

  • To help with the cost of the busses ($3000+)
  • Insurance
  • Food

4 Payments $60.00 after the initial $60 deposit. 

  • Week of 10/31
  • Thursday, 11/17
  • Thursday, 1/12
  • Thursday, 2/9
  • Thursday, 3/9

Paying with Checks: 

  • Address all checks to San Gabriel Unified School District
  • On Memo Line of Checks, WRITE YOUR STUDENT’S NAME 

We will also be fundraising to help with these costs. 

Q & A: 

  1. Staff to Student Ratio? 
    1. Maybe 24: 1?  We need to double check.

  1. Can parents volunteer? 
    1. No parents

  1. Food Allergies? 
    1. Please let us know & we will notify the camp
    2. Make sure to update us on all medications/conditions for your student, even if it’s medicine that you usually only need to do at home

  1. Running water and electricity, bathrooms, showers? 
    1. All yes. 

  1. Any hikes to waterfalls/lakes? 
    1. Any hikes would be on easy trails, no water, well maintained and age appropriate; very low risk. 

  1. Electronic Free Zone but can a student still take a phone? 
    1. It’s their policy to NOT have any electronics and most likely they won’t get service anyway. 

  1. What’s the goal of this trip? 
    1. Science learning
    2. Team/community building
    3. Hands on science instruction in an environment that we can’t replicate on campus
    4. Experiencing nature
    5. Learning to push the edge of their comfort zone while still in a safe environment

  1. What if parents don't want to send their student? 
    1. Before completely denying this opportunity, please talk to Principal Feng
    2. But ultimately we will have a sub teacher on site for Garcia’s 4th graders so any 5th graders who don’t go on the trip will be absorbed into Garcia’s sub class. 

  1. Will Covid tests/vaccines be required? 
    1. We will follow whatever the current CDC/Camp site guidelines/requirements are at that time.  
    2. At this time, we can’t predict what will be required. 

  1. Could students be able to request being bunked with 1 friend? 
    1. Not sure; we’ll look into this. 

  1. In previous camps, there were stores where students could buy items? 
    1. We’ll double check but there will be an opportunity to PRE-ORDER a shirt for your camp student.
    2. We'll touch on that at our next meeting that is around the end of January/Beginning of Feb. 

PLEASE CHECK PARENTSQUARE because all Science Camp info will be sent through PS.