Parents » Lunch Menus for this Year: 2020-2021

Lunch Menus for this Year: 2020-2021

FREE Lunch & Breakfast for the rest of This Year!
San Gabriel Unified School District is able to offer free lunch and breakfast to all it's students for the rest of this school year.  There's no need to pre-order the meals.
Students on campus will can bring their lunch if they want, but our school cafeteria is ready to serve school lunches to any student on-site.  Students are on a staggered eating schedule and may remove their mask to eat while still physically distanced.  They will wear their mask while they play for recess time.
Breakfast: Our Cafeteria will take a bagged breakfast for every student, to each class before the end of the school day so the students can take that breakfast home, and eat it the next morning before school. 
* This year, we are not currently able to accommodate a separate time and place for students to eat breakfast on campus.
Students that are not on campus, can go through the round-about-driveway on the north side of Coolidge to pick up the free meals from 11:00pm - 12:30pm.  See the flyers below for more details in different languages.