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VISP: Virtual Independent Study Program

AB 130 - Independent Study Program for 2021-2022 Parents & Guardians
All SGUSD students have the right to enroll in SGUSD's Virtual Independent Study Program.  This will be very different from last year's virtual learning and here are some main points of interest: 
There is currently an incredibly high volume of emails and phone calls received by the VISP staff.  It will take some time for these emails and calls to be returned.  
The first week of school is not dedicated to curriculum and assignments, but rather building community and social-emotional wellness.  More content-driven work will be launched next week. 
*   Sign the Agreement:  VISP families will need to sign a Master Written Agreement
(attached below) and abide by the requirements listed in said agreement.  If at any point
a VISP student is below the minimum requirements, an evaluation will be made to
determine whether Independent Study is an appropriate strategy for the student.
*   Homeschool:  VISP students won't be on campus but they are still considered
students of their homeschool and are welcome to participate in any in-person
extra-curricular programs after school hours.
 Teacher: VISP students will work with a VISP Teacher on Record.  Students will not be
interacting with on-campus teacher or students
       - Who's our VISP Reacher on Record?   All questions for further details about the
          program or your student's specific VISP experience should be directed to 
          Ruth Esseln or Ann Anderson.  Point of Contact are below.
*   When will we receive teacher information and the class link:  That information will be
coming from Ruth or Ann.  It may take 24 hours for students to be switched to VISP, and it
may take a few days for teacher and link information to be sent to parents   
*   Live Instruction: VISP students will received Synchronous and Asynchronous Work. 
The live instruction time with the Teacher on Record will vary depending on the grade. 
** see the chart below.
*   Status of VISP Enrollment:  you can reach out to the VISP Points of Contact, as listed below.
*   Free School Meals:  VISP students will still have access to free meals for the 2021-2022
school year, but they will not be picked up from Coolidge Elementary.  To see where to
pick up the free meals, call the district Food Services Dept. at (626) 451-5453. 
*   Daily School Schedule:  you can reach out to the VISP Points of Contact, as listed below.
*   Attendance:  How are attendance and absences going to reported, and when/who
should you report them to, you can reach out to the VISP Points of Contact, as listed below.
*   PE and Music:  Details on these factors are stull currently in flux but you can reach
out to the VISP Points of Contact, as listed below.
*   Technology Devices:  All VISP students need to be using a school-issued
Chromebook.  Please contact your school site to arrange a pick-up.
*   Dual Language:  There is a supplemental DLI program for VISP students and those
students will still keep their place in the program going into the next school year.
 IEPs: We encourage all students with an IEP to contact their case carrier to discuss
the best options.
*   Switching:  Parents can decide to put their student in the VISP program, or switch
to the In-Person learning at any point throughout the school year.  To do so, please
call the school office and notify the office manager.  Before making the switch,
the family will meet with a VISP program personnel to discuss: 
     - your child's adaptability to changes (new teacher, new classmates, new environment,
       new safety procedures)
     - Your child's relationship with on-line and in-person peers
     - Your child's social, emotional and physical needs
     - Your child's immunizations are up to date
     - Remember to consider the curriculum pace may be slightly different between virtual
       and in-person classrooms
     -* AB 130 requires that the district allow any VISP student to transition to in-person
       learning within 5 school days 
VISP Points of Contact
Questions can be directed to Ruth Esseln at or Ann Anderson at
Teacher on Record (TBD for each student)
VISP School Counselor (depends on your site and grade level)
In-Person School Principal and Office Manager
Director of Student Support & Assessment: Ruth Esseln
VISP Principal:  Ann Anderson at, located at Roosevelt elementary (626) 287-0512
Virtual Independent Study Master Written Agreement - 
Please send signed (page 4 only) Master Written Agreements to Ann Anderson at
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Check out the recording of the district's Town Hall Meeting on 8/5/21, regarding our VISP program.  
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You can also check out the VISP page at our San Gabriel Unified District Website:  Student Support: VISP