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Return 2 Learn

Our goal was to create balanced classes based on safe numbers and distance. We are able to ensure that siblings are part of the same stable group, but are not able to honor other requests at this time.
  • If you child’s Group is A, then they will be attending school on Monday and Tuesday. 
  • If your child’s Group is B, then they will be attending school on Thursday and Friday. 
  • If your child’s Group is C, then please contact the school’s office manager for further information.
  • If your child is remaining in Virtual Academy, then the Group will be blank.
Driving to Pick-Up Students?  Display the Name Placard on your Dash.
We are asking parents to stay in the car when you come to pick-up your students at dismissal.  But to help us match the student to the vehicle, please place your placard on top of your dashboard in the right-hand corner.  This will help our staff see who your student is and which class they're in.
If your student is feeling ill with fever, or with symptoms that make it difficult to comply with our protocols (like mask wearing), whether it is COVID related or not, please keep them home.  If they feel up to it, they can still log in from home for virtual class and as long as they are present, they will be counted as such.  If they're too ill to attend class, Hybrid or Virtual, please call to notify the front office at: (626) 282-6952.
All students who are sick, should not return to campus until they feel better, show improving symptoms, can comply with school protocol, and are fever-free for at least 24hrs without the need for medicine. 
For the continued safety of our staff and students, please be aware the guidelines issued by the California Department of Public Health recommend a 10-day Quarantine at home unvaccinated students traveling outside of state or country.  Students who are participating in our In-Person Learning, can log in to class virtually while completing the post-travel quarantine, and join us on campus when the quarantine is finished.  
All Students Need to Properly Wear a Mask
It may be a good idea to practice how to properly wear a mask with your students so they are ready and comfortable when coming to campus.  All students will wear a mask throughout the day and during recess.  They will be allowed to remove the mask while they eat lunch.  Under the California Dept. of Public Health Guidelines, students who are unable or unwilling to wear a mask properly, will be asked to remain/return to Virtual Academy.
If your student will be absent from school, please call the Front Office at Coolidge and let us know:  (626) 282-6952.
Our office is open 8am - 4:15pm. 
** It is also a good practice to email the teacher so they can provide any assignments the student will need to know about. 
If there is rain in the forecast, we will send out a notice on ParentSquare the day before, to keep students home for Virtual Learning on the rainy day.
Did you miss the Town Hall Webinar from April 13th?  
Don't worry, you can watch it here.  We discussed: 
* All families need to sign up with ParentSquare before their student enters campus
* How/where to drop-off/pick-up students for school
* What to expect instructionally
* Safety
Passcode: .H06*T!#
March 16, at 6 PM, Coolidge hosted a webinar to discuss the changes that are coming on April 6. 
  • Daily Schedules and Routines
  • Drop-off and pick-up
  • What to expect instructionally
  • Safety
     Passcode: m?7324Nn
** There will be a second meeting scheduled in April before the April 19th return of third, fourth, and fifth grade.

Did you miss the SGUSD Town Hall Meeting on 3/10/21?

Click the button below, to watch the recorded Town Hall Meeting that was hosted by San Gabriel Unified School District on 3/10/21.
At our February 23rd Governing Board Meeting, our Governing Board took action to approve TK-2 students to return to in-person learning, with families having the option to have their child stay in the Virtual Academy.
We are in the process of submitting our plan to the State and County and when approved, we are able to proceed with our phased reopening plan. We will begin by reopening our elementary sites in the District to our TK-2 students on April 6th, 2021, for in-person learning if families choose to do so. Parents may also choose to have their child remain in the Virtual Academy.