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In Person Learning

If your student has cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms, please keep them home and call the front office to let us know. We will discuss our Health Procedures and when your student can return to school.
For the health and safety of all students and staff, should any student start to develop any of the following symptoms, they will be sent home:
- fever
- coughing or shortness of breath
- chills, muscles or body pain
- fatigue/headache
- sore throat
- nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
- new loss of taste or smell
- congestion/runny nose
Students can return to school with these 3 things: 
     - Improving symptoms
     - are Fever-Free for 24hrs without the use of medication
     - AND have a Dr.'s Note or a Negative PCR Test result --- email the note or test result to the
Students who come in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual are subject to a possibly 10 day quarantine. But please call the front office so we can advise when the student can get tested and any helpful updates.

Here is the recording of the:  Coolidge Town Hall Updates Meeting from 8/30/21
the Passcode is 48?%T+G&
We recorded our Coolidge Town Hall Meeting from August 18th, and have it available here to watch anytime. 
We discuss the plan for our students returning to campus, go over the new Health & Safety procedures and answer questions from the chat.
We will be adding those questions and answers to our website for everyone s well -coming soon. 
Passcode: Zj0w0b@k

For the continued safety of our staff and students, please be aware of the guidelines recommended by the California Department of Public Health, for any unvaccinated person who travels domestically: 
*   7-day Quarantine at home if you get tested after returning from travel and are negative for COVID.
          - self-Isolate if you test positive.
*   10-day Quarantine at home if you don't get tested.  
If you are keeping your student home for this recommended Quarantine, please contact the front office and teacher before your travels and ask about the Short Term Independent Study information.
All Students Need to Properly Wear a Mask
All students and staff will wear a mask while indoors.  They will be allowed to step outside classrooms and remove the mask to have some water or a snack.  Masks are optional outdoors, but it is our district policy to request all persons to wear the mask outdoors if in a crowded area, such as pick-up and drop-off. 
We are encouraging students to bring an extra mask in their backpack, in case theirs gets soiled or lost.  
We have some extra masks if a students needs a new one.
** The child masks we have available are pink.  If your student isn't comfortable wearing a pink mask, please remember to pack them an extra one. 
Please call the Front Office at Coolidge (626) 282-6952 and let us know if: 
-  If your student will be absent from school
-  You will be bring your student late
-  Or your need to pick them up early - we can have them ready in the front office 
Our office is open 8am - 4:15pm.