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Enrollment Information

Do you have a student that is new to Coolidge or new to our school district?  

We are taking online enrollment and here is some information that will help you complete the process:



These are the main documents needed but you can click Here for more details

    • Original Birth Certificate of student or Passport
    • Photo ID of parent/guardian
    • 2 Proof of Residence
    • Health/Dental/General Examination Forms
    • Immunization
    • *optional:  IEP or assessment, GATE scores, CELDT scores
  • Email your required documents to Stephanie Villalobos at:

Intradistrict Permits:  (Requesting to transfer to another school within San Gabriel District)

SGUSD values its neighborhood schools. If an SGUSD family wishes to attend an elementary school that is not their neighborhood school they may apply for an intra-district permit between February 16 - June 18, 2021. The only exception to this deadline is for new families who enroll in SGUSD after June 18, 2021.

Contact Director Ruth Esseln for information about intra-district permit process at or (626) 451-5487.



Inter-District Transfers Requesting Transfer to SGUSD (transferring from another district)

The Inter-District Application form is below. You must first obtain a release from your district of residence.

Outgoing Inter-District Transfer Requests  (transferring to another district)

The Inter-District transfer form for release is available below. Some documentation may be required. Please see the SGUSD San Gabriel Unified Transfer Policy and reasons for which SGUSD may grant a release (including the documentation that is necessary for each reason). 


If you are applying to join THIS current school year, you can apply for school lunch at
If you are enrolling for the next school year that will start in the Fall, please don't apply for lunch until July 2021.  Our staff won't have access to any applications submitted for the 2021-2022 school year until July.
Returning to Coolidge next school year?  Make sure to fill out the INTENT TO RETURN form that was sent to parents previously on ParentSquare. 
Deadline is Friday, 5/28/21
1. At the top of the “Intent to Return” ParentSquare post, click on “Forms” and then “Select.”  
2. Choose either: “In-Person Learning” or “Virtual Learning” by Friday, May 28, 2021. 
A response is required for your child to be successfully counted toward enrollment for the 2021/2022 school year (the first day of school is August 23, 2021).  
Your family’s choices are:

 A. Attending SGUSD schools for in-person instruction every day (5 days per week subject to change based on capacity limitations due to adequate spacing of students)*Any students returning to in-person instruction must have their immunizations up to date.
B. Join Virtual Learning Program for the entire 2021/2022 School Year
Your child’s school principal will be providing additional information specific to the school site for the new school year. If you have additional questions, please contact your child’s current school site. 
TK is a program that builds a bridge between the preschool years and the transitional kindergarten curriculum. 
- Children with birth dates from September 2 until on or before December 2 enroll in transitional kindergarten.
        * must be five years old by September 2 of the year they plan to enroll in kindergarten
- TK is offered at McKinley, Roosevelt, Washington, and Wilson. 
- When your student is done with that year of TK, you will be transferred back to your home school. 

- To enroll in TK, you must first enroll at your school of residence, using Aeries Online Enrollment and email all required documents.

  • TK students will be assigned to their school of residence, or to an assigned site if school of residence does not offer TK.