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PTA » PTA Board 2013-2014

PTA Board 2013-2014

Listed below is your Coolidge 2013-2014 PTA Board. Please contact any of us if you have questions, suggestions or ideas. We want to hear from you! You can also reach the board at

PRESIDENT -  Cyndi Choiu (
Responsible for leading the PTA toward goals chosen by its members, to preside over board and association meetings, and to represent the unit at all higher level PTA events. 

Provides support and assistance to the president and may be called upon to preside at PTA meetings.  

1st VP SPECIAL EVENTS  - Martha Lopez-Chavez ( & Vivian Muro (  
Responsible for working with a committee to plan the year’s complete special events program and to oversee the chairmen coordinating special event programs. 

2nd VP PROGRAMS - Rachel Shelton ( & Tara Johnson (
Plan and organize enrichment assemblies and after-school programs and to oversee the chairmen coordinating student programs.

3rd VP WAYS & MEANS - Jennifer Liau & Malinda Kennedy
Oversee and coordinate all PTA fundraising activities. 

4th VP ROOM REPS - Terra Ridenhour & Melissa Murillo
Coordinate a committee of parent representatives, from each classroom, who serve as liaisons between teachers and class parents and foster cooperation and communication between home and school. 

5th VP HOSPITALITY -  Heather Flanders ( & Erin Page (
Serve as the official host of the PTA unit, to establish a friendly and comfortable atmosphere at PTA meetings and events.  

TREASURER - Debbie Scannell   
Maintain the financial records of the PTA unit.  

AUDITOR - Debbi Fukawa
Responsibilities include auditing the financial records and reporting the findings semi-annually to the association.  

Keep an accurate, concise and permanent record of all board and association meetings and to make these available at future meetings.

HISTORIAN - Yoshiko Chioffi (  
Assemble and preserve the record of activities and achievements of the PTA as well as assist the President in preparing the Annual Report.  

Review the unit’s bylaws and standing rules annually, to submit proposed changes appropriately to the State PTA and to present approved changes to the general membership at association meetings for adoption.  

Responsible for sending notices of meetings to PTA members, reading correspondence at meetings and to writing correspondence in response. 

MEDIA COORDINATOR - Carrie Voris (  
Responsible for coordinating and helping publish any form of media sent to the Association, including electronic publications and the Chatter newsletter.

PAST PRESIDENT - Lisa Gutierrez-Correa (  
Responsible for acting as an advisor if needed to incoming the President and Board.