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PTA » 50 Ways to Get Involved

50 Ways to Get Involved

50 Ways to Get Involved
1.Join the Coolidge PTA 
2.Attend Coolidge PTA Board and Association meetings regularly and voice your ideas and opinions
3.Volunteer to help with PTA activities 
4.Coordinate or help with PTA fundraising events 
5.Make donations to fundraising efforts
6.Take on a PTA chairmanship
7.Join the Coolidge PTA Board 
8.Participate in fairs and fests for math, science, history, culture, etc.
9.Contribute articles, focusing on topics of importance to you, to the Chatter Newsletter 
10.Respond to school surveys on your interests, talents and skills 
11.Let school staff and/or PTA board members know your availability to volunteer
12.Work with Coolidge staff and/or PTA board members to develop volunteer activities you can do from your home
13.Supervise and coordinate evening and weekend volunteer activities at Coolidge 
14.Offer your services to help with before- and/or after-school programs at Coolidge 
15.Help plan and attend family nights sponsored by the school or the PTA 
16.Help develop creative ways to use volunteers at school 
17.Provide volunteer consulting services to school staff or educators in your areas of expertise 
18.Help provide child care and/or transportation for volunteering parents 
19.Actively help Coolidge staff and Coolidge PTA recruit parents and community members as volunteers
20.Attend training and orientation on how to be an effective volunteer
21.Learn and uphold school discipline, confidentiality, and other policies as a volunteer 
22.Help develop volunteer job descriptions and evaluations 
23.Participate in organizing and planning ways to recognize and appreciate volunteers 
24.Respond to school surveys about the effectiveness of volunteer programs 
25.Help develop and distribute a volunteer directory to parents, school staff and teachers
26.Assist your child's teacher in the classroom or on field trips
27.Read classroom, school and/or PTA newsletters 
28.Visit the school website ( and the California State PTA websites 
29.Participate in informal opportunities to talk with and get to know Coolidge staff and educators
30.Contact Coolidge for information on family programs
31.Help establish a parent center at school and use its resources
32.Assist in developing parents support programs/groups and attend them 
33.Attend workshops or seminars on various parenting topics 
34.Participate in parenting classes on child development, expectations, discipline, etc.
35.Attend meetings on learning expectations, assessment and grading procedures 
36.Help develop and offer services to a study/tutor center 
37.Assist Coolidge staff and educators in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all parents 
38.Voice your support or concerns on any issue that will affect your family 
39.Learn of school and district policies and practices that affect children
40.Be involved in decisions on student placement and course and textbook selections
41.Participate in meetings to determine special educational needs and services 
42.Serve on school advisory councils or committees on curriculum, discipline, and so forth 
43.Serve on a site-based school management team with teachers and the principal 
44.Work with teachers and school administrators to develop a parent involvement policy 
45.Write, call or travel to Sacramento to support or oppose proposed legislation
46.Participate in petition drives or letter-writing campaigns to Congress on legislation 
47.Give testimony at public hearings in support of or in opposition to education legislation
48.Vote in local, state and federal elections for public officials who support education 
49.Help develop a Coolidge School directory of social and community services 
50.Help develop and/or distribute a community letter to local agencies and businesses