Coolidge Elementary School

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PTA » PTA Chair Position List

PTA Chair Position List

Under Event Chairperson (2008-2009) Phone
P Campus Beautification NEED CHAIR  
P Chatter Newsletter Florencia Albert 284-1956
P Coolidge Directory Lucy Shreffler 299-3093  
P Coolidge Yearbook Cathy Cordero


Elena Tostado
P PTA Bulletin Boards Holly Serrano 284-9621
P Founders' Day Awards Cheri Fortner 291-2915
P Founders' Day Decorations NEED CHAIR  
P Installation Dinner Michael Breaux 570-4949
P Membership Sherry Couchman 282-0727
P New Families Event Rachel Shelton


Marla Gilb


P Parent Education Lisa Correa 458-5274
P Photocopying Liason NEED CHAIR  
P PTA Website Kristen Follen 282-6952
VP1 Bank Day Kristin Ozawa 281-1726
VP1 International Day NEED CHAIR  
VP1 End of Year Picnic NEED CHAIR  
VP1 5th Grade Promotion Party Lisa Correa 458-5274
VP1 Holiday Pageant Chasity Nunez 943-7965
VP1 Instrument Recital Audrey Lee  
VP1 Red Ribbon Week  Staci Ma 300-9260
VP1 Variety Show Lori Husein 458-7586
VP1 VIP Day  Lindsey Ma 300-9260
VP2 Summer Reading Program Martha Chavez-Lopez  
VP2 VP2 Anne Sigoloff 309-5334
VP3 After-school Snack Sale  Felicia Wallace 281-6722
VP3 Book Fairs Jean Walters


Rachel Shelton


 VP3   Coolidge Carnival  Denise Menchaca   570-0655
 VP3  Cougar Corner  NEED CHAIR  
 VP3  February Fundraiser  NEED CHAIR  
 VP3  Jog-a-thon  Marla Gilb


Judy Correnti


 VP3  Pledge Drive  Marla Gilb   458-6767
 VP3  Scrip  Martha Shanks  282-1142
 VP3  Recycling  John Correnti  284-0725
 VP4  Teacher Appreciation Week  NEED CHAIR  
 VP4  Teacher Wishlist  Room Reps/4th VP  
 VP5  First Day Coffee  Adrienne Hanna  281-0336
 VP5  Teachers' Holiday Luncheon  NEED CHAIR  
VP5 Open House Dinner NEED CHAIR  
  Mileage Club NEED CHAIR  
  Community Outreach Don Albert 284-1956